Support HARBEL Housing partnership

Since 1993 HARBEL Housing Partnership has been providing Baltimore City and Baltimore County homebuyers with comprehensive homeownership education and counseling.

Buyers, real estate agents and lenders know the value of pre-purchase education and counseling, which enables homebuyers to become knowledgeable consumers – lessening the risk of foreclosure and strengthening our communities.

Although HARBEL Housing receives governmental grants, they do not cover the full cost of providing our services. It cost approximately $225 per client for the 10 hours of education and counseling. HARBEL serves everyone and we do not charge a fee for our services.

Will you show your support for HARBEL Housing with a contribution? The most important action that you can take to help us continue our work in foreclosure prevention is to write your check today – so that HARBEL can continue to meet the increased demand for quality services.

Please make your check out to HARBEL Housing Partnership and mail to the attention of Regina Buker, Director, 5807 Harford Road, Baltimore Maryland 21214

Thank you for standing with HARBEL Housing – there is no HARBEL without your support.