How You Can Share

HARBEL Community Organization is supported financially by contributions from member organizations, individuals, churches, businesses, and government grants. You can help by donating and/or participating in the following ways:

Make A Donation. HARBEL accepts gifts made by checks, money orders, on line donations through Paypal and gifts of securities.

Individuals may participate in HARBEL Community Organization by serving on the Board, serving on a committee, working on a special project, or volunteering in one of HARBEL's programs. Individuals and businesses can also form partnerships and/or make donations to HARBEL's individual programs, if they have an interest in housing or substance abuse treatment.

Any group or organization may apply for membership in HARBEL Community Organization. (Download application.) In the HARBEL Community Organization, each group accepted into membership is entitled to vote to elect directors to the Board and to vote on issues at Community Forum meetings.

The Board meets every other month to establish policies and determine which issues, problems, or opportunities the HARBEL Community Organization should address. Community Forums present information and speakers on current issues. Forum meetings are open to all.


Are you familiar with Human Resources, (i.e. insurance, pension funds, retirement funds, new employee packages, etc.) No salary, but lots of satisfaction from working for the best nonprofit on the planet. A great working environment, free coffee, free parking, lots of opportunities to learn new skills and improve old skills.

If you have any questions or want to support HARBEL Community Organization, call 410-444-2100.